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Private Floral Arranging Parties

Our private floral arranging parties are a great opportunity for anyone to learn a new skill and create something beautiful.  They are especially fun around the holidays for groups and individuals.

These parties are of course tailored to your budget needs, color palette and style, and can be held at a location of your choosing. There is a minimum of 5 people required to host a private party.


We guide participants through the process of creating their own floral arrangements, using a variety of fresh flowers and materials. In addition to the hands-on instruction, we also cover the basics of flower care and handling. Our floral arranging parties are great for everyone and we absolutely love doing them! This experience takes about 2-3 hours for set-up, execution, and breakdown.

Flower Crown Party 

$50 pp

Small Arrangement Party

$65 pp

Medium Arrangement Party

$85 pp

Have something different in mind ? Let us know !

(Private Floral Arranging Party)

(Private Floral Crown Party)

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