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Marisa Schnitz

Marisa is not just any ordinary Oklahoma woman, you could definitely say that her unique personality and style would tell you that she is one of a kind. She loves to travel and peaks at any opportunity to escape to some place new. She will never say no to any opportunity to get away, especially for the music. Graduating from the University of Oklahoma in 2011, she found her passion for decor, fashion and flowers. She started her career path as a manager for Anthropologie where she learned strong branding and aesthetic values. She also currently works as a florist for long time mentor Kelly Long, who owns a prestigious wedding floral company called Poppy Lane Design, where her passion for flowers prompted her to look into calling something of her own.

Being long time best friends with co-owner Tsoo Tso Manison for over ten years, their new business venture is a new exciting opportunity that they are very excited about.

“Being an Entrepreneur and Business owner is a huge step in my career and life.  I have never thought I would be able to put so much work into some thing special and see Flower Parliament of Oklahoma City come into being, I am so proud of the work that we are doing and we hope to serve our community through floral design and micro events in a great and ever-changing way in people’s way’s they celebrate.”


TsoTsoo Manison

Tso lives and loves in her culture. With an Oklahoman and Ghanaian heritage, she is truly one special individual. She has an unbelievable passion for cooking, flowers, gardening, plants and travel.

She met Marisa back in late 2000’s as co-workers and became the best of friends. She has a strong background in Entrepreneurship and Management and therefore saw a great opportunity for her and her best friend to start their own business venture.

She is excited to excel in floral design and event planning. She loves to bring life in everything she creates.

“Being a business owner has always been a dream of mine and with a family full of women entrepreneurs, I’ve always wanted to follow in their footsteps. With building Flower Parliament with Marisa I feel truly blessed.”

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